Michael Aliano

Michael C. Aliano

President / CEO

American Ambulance has been dedicated to our community for more than forty years. Our reputation in the community is built on the hard work our team. We strive to provide an experience, not a service. We do this with some of the finest people in the industry. People who I am glad work on our team and people I can say are part of my family. People I am proud of. We do good things for a living.

It is hard to put in words what the men and women of American Ambulance sacrifice in order for them to be the professionals they are. The time spent away from their families including hours on the job and in continuing education. They often find themselves on the road when everyone else is told not to be and they do this nights, weekends and holidays. I hope you appreciate them as I do. The men and women of American Ambulance are truly Dedicated, Professional People, Committed to Excellence, Caring for You.