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Mini-play at NFA sparks talk on teen painkiller abuse

NORWICH — The story of a high school athlete who gets hooked on painkillers and then "graduates" to heroin served as the starting point for a discussion about the dangers of opioid abuse Wednesday at Norwich Free Academy. The story played out on stage at Slater Auditorium in the form of several scenes performed by teen members of Looking In Theatre, a Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts program. The event was organized and sponsored by Norwich Youth and Family Services and the Norwich Prevention Council. "We're having a real issue, an epidemic of massive proportions with heroin and opioid overdoses," Norwich Youth and Family Services Coordinator Angelo Callis said. "This is a prevention effort we're working on." Callis said [...]

Letter: American Ambulance helped city resident in need

Sandra, who has been a paraplegic for the past 26 years, is no stranger to riding in an American Ambulance due to emergencies created by her health condition. However, on Feb. 21, Sandra was transported by American Ambulance to visit her mom, who is a resident at the Bride Brook Rehab Center in Niantic; it was a surprise that touched both their hearts. Sandra had fallen into a depression after losing her brother last year; her long-term caregiver took a new position; there was a solemn January birthday and additional health concerns. So, I reached out to Greg B. Allard, vice president of American Ambulance, and asked if they would provide a humanitarian ambulance ride to someone "who needed her [...]

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