Mentor Program:

As part of the pre-employment process, mentor questionnaires are given to prospective team members. These questionnaires provide deeper insight to our new team member’s professional background, experience, and learning style which allows our management team to assign a closely aligned and compatible mentor. Upon hiring, the new team member’s mentor will guide them through their initial training days, including a customized training program that will guide our new hire throughout the onboarding process. This process provides us the tools to facilitate strong and lasting relationships between the mentor and the mentee. The Mentor Program is aimed at better preparation of the new team members to our daily operations, in turn, giving them more opportunities to succeed in their new position. In that process we, as a team, improve as a whole.

The mentor program includes:

  • An initial introductory phone call to our new team member by their mentor to introduce themselves and give them instructions on where to report on their first day
  • Multiple full training shifts with daily feedback reports to identify strengths and areas in need of more training
  • Ongoing peer support and guidance